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The BEST Pizzas in Osaka - New York, Napoli, Detroit, Chicago Deep Dish & Portland style

I often run into fellow expats who tell me its impossible to find a good pizza in Osaka. They whine about Pizza Hut and Pizza La and the fact that one or two options on the menu have corn as a topping. "How dare they ruin pizza with corn" they tell me as I roll my eyes for the hundredth time. I'm here to tell you that there is in fact great, authentic pizza in Osaka - you just gotta know where to look! Or... ask someone who knows where to look!

These are three of the BEST pizza places I've found in Osaka, and places that I've visited many, many times. Whether you live in Osaka, or are just passing through on your trip to Japan, I hope you can find a pizza you love. Read on to find out more!

La Golosetta

La Golosetta serves up authentic Napoli pizza cooked in a traditional Italian wood fired pizza oven. They also serve traditional Italian appetizers, plus a variety of Italian wine, in addition to a small selection of desserts. There's a handful of seats at the counter downstairs, or table seating available upstairs. Vegetarian options available, of course!

Hint: If you have the option to choose buffalo mozzarella, definitely do it. It makes the pizza even more amazing!

The pizzeria is open for lunch and dinner on most days, and there's a Japanese and English menu. For the most up to date open hours you can check their Instagram page here: La Golosetta

Suggested access: Shinsaibashi station, Nagahoribashi station.

Address in English: 〒542-0081 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Minamisenba, 8, 2丁目8ー13

Name in Japanese: ラ・ゴロセッタ

Address in Japanese: 〒542-0081 大阪府大阪市中央区南船場8 2丁目8ー13

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Imazato Craft Cafe

This is a great family-owned beer cafe in a residential neighborhood outside of the bustling city area. Imazato Craft Cafe just celebrated their 8th anniversary last week (the week of July 9th, 2022), and it's been great to see this place grow over the years. Many years ago the store was only open on Friday evenings, and it was the only place to get a deep dish pizza in Osaka. Times have now changed, and deep dish has been slowly creeping up in popularity, and so has Imazato.

Imazato Cafe is now open most days of the week for lunch and/or dinner. The regular menu items are pizza (regular, Detroit, deep dish) and burgers/sliders, although they do experiment from time to time with other menu items. Vegetarian options are available for pizzas, and sometimes burgers.

In terms of beer, this place has a great selection of beer on tap, and a fridge full of cans and bottles of all styles. If you're not too familiar with different beer styles or breweries the staff will be happy to offer some advice. You can also take-out any of the cans and bottles, and also the tap beer.

For up to date opening times and menu options, I recommend checking their Facebook page here: Craft Beer Cafe Imazato Or their Instagram here: Craft Beer Imazato

Suggested access: Imazato station (Sennichimae [pink] line or Imazatosuji line)

Address in English: 1 Chome-31-23 Oimazato, Higashinari Ward, Osaka, 537-0012

Name in Japanese: 今里クラフト カフェ

Address in Japanese: 〒537-0012 大阪府大阪市東成区大今里1丁目31−23

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Token Eatery Bar Pizzeria

This is the place to go for New York style pizza. How do I know? Cos a bunch of New Yorkers told me so! This store actually shares a floor space with Brooklyn Roasting Company Namba, and is a popular spot for coffee and work/study thanks to the large space and free wifi. I wrote about their sister store in Kitahama previously.

Anyway, back to the pizza... Token Eatery usually has a few options available, including the classic cheese and pepperoni, plus a couple of others. I often get the mac & cheese pizza which sounds kinda weird but actually works quite well. I do wish they had a proper vegie pizza, but I know I shouldn't complain with the two vegetarian options they do have. You can also order a side and a drink to go with your pizza.

The pizzeria offers communal dining tables, otherwise there are some counter seats by the windows and a few smaller tables. Usually open every day, but check Google Maps for any updates. Conveniently located close to Namba City and Namba Parks.

Suggested access: Namba station, Ebisucho station

Address in English: EKIKAN, 1 Chome-1-21 Shikitsuhigashi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0012

Address in Japanese: 〒556-0012 大阪府大阪市浪速区敷津東1丁目1−21, EKIKAN

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Top: Display case at Token (Osaka) showing Mac and Cheese pizza on tray. Bottom: Vegie pizza from Imazato Craft Cafe (Osaka). Text reads: Best pizza in Osaka. New York, Napoli, Detroit, Chicago and Portland style.

Top: Pizza at La Golosetta (Osaka). Bottom: Pizza at Imazato Craft Cafe (Osaka). Text reads: Best Pizza in Osaka. New York, Napoli, Detroit, Chicago and Portland style.

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