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Organic Matcha Latte | Brooklyn Roasting Company in Kitahama, Osaka

Iced organic matcha latte and caramel nut pastry from Brooklyn Roasting Company, Kitahama Osaka, Japan.
Iced organic matcha latte and caramel nut pastry

I'm sure Brooklyn Roasting Company needs no introduction, so let's get straight into it.

The famous Brooklyn Roasting cafe in Kitahama (Osaka) relocated early this year to a much bigger space. It was often a little cramped and difficult to get a seat at the old cafe, so I was relieved to hear that the new space was more suitable for the large numbers that visit the cafe.

For those worried about losing the river view - don’t panic! The new place is just down the street, and YES, it still has those great river views.

This new BRC location in Kitahama has more indoor seating, plus massive amounts of outdoor seating. Now you can enjoy your Brooklyn favourites in Osaka without having to worry about fighting for a seat!

Vegan milk substitutes are available at BRC at an extra cost.

While you're in the area, why not check out some of the other great cafes that Kitahama has to offer? I really like Northshore for its brunch options, and Garb Weeks for lunch or dinner (the pizza is great!) If you're looking for a non-food related option, I recommend a walk around Nakanoshima Park and Rose Garden just across the river from Brooklyn Roasting Company.

Iced organic matcha latte and caramel nut pastry

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Menu and Brooklyn Roasting Company merchandise for sale

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Suggested access: Kitahama station.

Name in English: Brooklyn Roasting Company, Kitahama

Address in English: 〒541-0041 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Kitahama, 1 Chome−1−9 ハウザー 北浜ビル 1F

Name in Japanese: ブルックリン ロースティング カンパニー 北浜

Address in Japanese: 〒541-0041 大阪府大阪市中央区北浜1丁目1−9 ハウザー 北浜ビル 1F

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Foreground: Matcha green tea latte with sticker on cup saying "Brooklyn Roasting Company," and caramel nut pastry. Background: River, overpass bridge, trees. Image text reads "Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama, Osaka Japan" with website address: LisaEatsTheWorld.Com

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