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Pizza Lunch at Garb Weeks | Kitahama, Osaka | Japan

The Garb series of cafes is well-known among regular cafe goers. I tend to visit the location in Kitahama more than the others, as I like to walk around the Nakanoshima area when I'm in the area, and maybe even visit a cafe afterwards for dessert or coffee.

Margherita pizza and cola at Garb Weeks, Osaka Japan.
Margherita pizza at Garb Weeks

Even though I've been to Garb Weeks numerous times, I've only ever ordered the pizza as it's honestly pretty good for somewhere that isn't a dedicated pizzeria! They even have a pizza oven at the back of the store.

My friends have ordered other items from the menu and they've always been happy with what they received, so it seems the food is decent all round. If you feel like something sweet, the cakes always look lovely! This place has a number of vegetarian options on the menu, and are also happy to make some slight changes to the menu to accommodate dietary requirements.

I like to sit outside when I visit, but there is indoor seating available too. If you go in winter time there'll be plenty of large outdoor heaters to keep you warm while sitting outside, and even a heated blanket if you're lucky. Pets are welcome on the outdoor terrace.

If you're considering other lunch options in the area I recommend Optimus Cafe, which offers a large variety of vegan dishes, or Northshore, which offers some great brunch options. If you're not ready to leave the area just yet, or want a quiet place to relax I recommend spending some time at Nakanoshima Park.

Pictured: Margherita pizza and cola.

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Suggested access: Kitahama station.

Address in English: 〒530-0005 Osaka, Kita Ward, Nakanoshima, 1 Chome−1−29 公園内

Name in Japanese: ガーブウィークス

Address in Japanese: 〒530-0005 大阪府大阪市北区中之島1丁目1−29 公園内

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Image: Margherita pizza. Image text reads: "Garb Weeks Osaka, Japan."


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