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Trying Osaka's Best Fish Burgers at Burger Lion | Hommachi, Osaka | Japan

Entering this burger joint feels like you're stepping back in time into a diner from the 1960s. Burger Lion has an extensive burger menu, in addition to a few other options for those who aren't big burger fans. Fish and vegetarian options are also available, so this place is great for dates or small groups with different dietary preferences.

Grilled salmon sandwich from Burger Lion, Osaka Japan.
Grilled salmon sandwich

The salmon sandwich and fish burger pictured in this post were both really tasty, and I wouldn't hesitate to order either of them again. My friends who have tried the meat burgers here have absolutely all raved about them.

This place gets quite busy around lunch time, so you may need to write your name on the list outside and wait for a table. I usually like to go for a stroll around Utsubo Park after lunch to work off some of the calories.

Burger Lion is definitely one of the best burger shops in Osaka. I highly recommend it if you're craving a proper burger.

Fish cheese burger and A&W root beer

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Menu (this is not the entire menu - please check it out for yourself in-store)

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Store front

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Suggested access: Hommachi station.

Name in English: Burger Lion

Address in English: 1 Chome-9-10 Kyomachibori, Nishi Ward, Osaka, 550-0003

Name in Japanese: バーガリオン

Address in Japanese: 〒550-0003 大阪府大阪市西区京町堀1丁目9−10

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Image: Salmon sandwich with thick chunks of salmon. Image text reads: "Burger Lion Osaka, Japan."


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