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Hydrangeas at Ikasuri Shrine | Hommachi, Osaka | Japan

Hydrangeas at Ikasuri Shrine, Osaka Japan.
Hydrangeas at Ikasuri Shrine, Osaka

This temple is located in Hommachi, which is just north of the famous Shinsaibashi shopping and entertainment area I often mention in this blog.

This was my second or third time visiting this shrine for the hydrangeas, and I've been impressed every time. You may not see many hydrangeas as soon as you enter the temple grounds, but once you walk in a little further you'll be able to see them peaking out from the sides of the temple building. The garden isn't large, but the hydrangeas are really packed in.

I really think this is a great little place right in the heart of the city to see these wonderful flowers, and surprisingly there is no entrance fee.

Most gardens that are well-known for hydrangeas are quite a way out of the city, but here at Ikasuri Shrine you can easily pop in for a quick visit. It's conveniently located close to Hommachi station, but also easily accessible on foot from Shinsaibashi station if you don't mind a bit of a walk.

If you're looking for a larger garden in which to see hydrangeas, I recommend making the trip to Kyoto to see Mimurotoji Hydrangea Garden. It's definitely worth a visit if you're a hydrangea lover!

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Suggested access: Hommachi station.

Name in English: Ikasuri Shrine

Name in Japanese: 坐摩神社

Address in Japanese: 〒541-0056 Osaka, 大阪市中央区 久太郎町4丁目渡辺3

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Picture: Purple hydrangea in foreground, green trees, potted hydrangeas, shrine and ema board in background. Text reads: "Ikasuri Jinja, Osaka Japan."


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