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Admiring the Wisteria at Fujiidera Temple in Osaka | Japan

Fujiidera Temple is well-known in Osaka for its wisteria flowers that bloom around April-May each year. I visited in late April this year, when the flowers were starting to come to an end for the season. Nevertheless, the flowers were still stunning, and made for some great photos. The temple actually has a wisteria festival on for around a week while the flowers are in full bloom, and I'm told it can get quite busy.

Purple wisteria at Fujiidera, Osaka Japan.
Purple wisteria at Fujiidera, Osaka

One thing that's popular here is the special wisteria goshuin which I'm told is only available for a limited time. For those who have never heard of a goshuin before, its basically a kind of temple stamp specifically designed for each temple and individually written by a monk upon ordering. Its a way of certifying your visit to a temple, and makes for a great souvenir. The wisteria designed goshuin at Fujiidera Temple will cost you 1000 yen, but is absolutely gorgeous and will make for a great memory. I regret not buying one for myself!

Although you should be able to catch the wisteria at Fujiidera Temple around April-May each year, be sure to check the temple's website in early spring for information about exact blooming dates.

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Suggested access: Fujiidera station.

Address in English: 1 Chome-16-21 Fujiidera, Osaka 583-0024

Name in Japanese: 葛井寺

Address in Japanese: 〒583-0024 大阪府藤井寺市藤井寺1丁目16−21

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Picture: Purple wisteria cascading down over a wooden trellis. Text reads: "Fujiidera, Osaka Japan."

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