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Trying Sakura Bread at Pompadour Bakery | Temmabashi, Osaka | Japan

Pompadour Bakery offers a variety of sweet and savoury items, however there is no cafe attached, and no eating space available. There's a McDonald's directly opposite this bakery, so why not pick yourself up a latte and cross the river to Minamitenma park to enjoy a nice view of the river while eating? If Mc Donald's coffee isn't your thing, then I suggest grabbing a take-out coffee from RJ Cafe across the river - just check their open times on Google Maps, as I don't think they open until 11am.

For those who aren't in the area, but would love to try some of this lovely bread, pop Pompadour Bakery into Google. There are a few other stores scattered around Japan, including Umeda in Osaka and also in Tokyo.

I loved the take on Japan's famous sakura mochi - the sakura steamed bread got the flavour just right! The flavour of sakura mochi is a bit of an acquired taste though, so I understand if some people aren't fans. The rest of the bread was a pretty classic selection, all of which I'd recommend.


↖️バタール / Batard (1/2)

⬆️ベーグル / Blueberry bagel and maple walnut bagel

⬅️チョコドーナツ / Chocolate donut

↘️さくら蒸しパン / Sakura steamed bread (spring time only)

↘️ショコラフランス / Chocolate la France

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Suggested access: Temmabashi station.

Address in English: Yamakeimuso Rekka Panante-Keihan-Temmabashi, 1-1 Tenmabashikyomachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 536-0015

Address in Japanese: 〒536-0015 大阪府大阪市中央区天満橋京町1−1, Yamakeimuso Rekka Panante-Keihan-Temmabashi

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Dec 04, 2022

Mmmmm yummy! I like how you write the addresses in both English and Japanese. Perhaps you could add a pronunciation guide too?



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