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The Cutest Affogato at RJ Cafe in Temmabashi, Osaka | Japan

Spring affogato with green tea ice-cream at RJ Cafe in Temmabashi Osaka, Japan.
Spring affogato with green tea ice-cream

RJ Cafe is located just across the river from Temmabashi station. I visited here during spring time, so was able to get this limited edition spring affogato with green tea ice-cream a mini sakura mochi on the side. If you think the cup looks a little unusual, you're right! The cup is actually edible. It held the coffee and ice-cream surprisingly well.

Along with coffee and sweets, this place also offers some savoury dishes. The menu in store is much more extensive than the sign outside may suggest. Taking out your food and drinks to Minami Temma Park is a great option if the weather's nice. The park has some lovely river views and is just across the road. It's a popular area in spring when the cherry blossoms start to bloom.

Order at your table, and pay at the counter on your way out.

Pictured: Affogato with green tea ice-cream (comes in edible biscuit cup), outside menu, store dog.

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Suggested access: Temmabashi station.

Name in English: RJ Cafe

Address in English: 3 Chome-2-1 Tenma, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0043

Name in Japanese: アールジェイカフェ

Address in Japanese: 〒530-0043 大阪府大阪市北区天満3丁目2−1

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Image: Scoop of match green tea ice-cream on top of an edible cup. Ice-cream is decorated to look like a face. Image text reads: "RJ Cafe, Japan."


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