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Fishball Noodle Soup | Singapore Cuisine Ryanarou in Namba, Osaka

This restaurant is located in an area known as "Ura-Namba," an area not far from Namba Takashimaya department store, and the famous "Doguyasuji" Kitchen Street. Ura-Namba has many small alleys filled with eating and drinking establishments, and although it may seem quiet during the day time, this area really comes alive at night.

I visited this restaurant at lunch time for their Fishball Noodle soup, but they also open for dinner with a larger menu. The photos below show the lunch menu only.

Pictured: Fishball Noodle Soup, lunch menu, outdoor signage.

Click on the images to expand.

Suggested access: Namba station.

Address in English: 〒542-0075 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nanbasennichimae, 13−6 千日前セントラル 第4ビル 2F

Name in Japanese: シンガポール料理 梁亜楼

Address in Japanese: 〒542-0075 大阪府大阪市中央区難波千日前13−6 千日前セントラル 第4ビル 2F

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Fishball noode soup from Singapore Cuisine Ryanarou in Namba, Osaka Japan. Text reads: Singapore Cuisine Ryanarou, Osaka Japan.

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