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Cafe Taiyou-no-to | Namba, Osaka | Japan

Cafe Taiyou-no-to is located in Namba City which is a multistorey shopping mall connected to Namba station. I often find myself wandering around Namba City with no clear intention and always manage to end up buying something - whether its clothes or food! Just across the way you'll find Namba Parks, which is another multistorey shopping mall.

The cool thing about Namba Parks is that it is actually the site of a former baseball stadium. To preserve some greenery in the city, the top of the shopping mall is actually a lovely place with seats, plants, a water feature and so on. In winter you can even catch a small illumination event up there. It's an easy walk up to the park area, or you can catch an elevator to the top and walk down. It's a great place to chill out and eat lunch, have a drink, or just relax for a while.

Namba City and Namba Parks (the indoors part!) are both good for shopping (and eating!) on rainy days when you want to stay indoors and avoid the rain.

Baked cheesecake and cafe au lait at Cafe Taiyou-no-to, Namba, Osaka Japan
Baked cheesecake and café au lait

You can see from the menu below Cafe Taiyou-no-to offers a cake set (which is what I had) and also a parfait set. The set I chose came with my choice of drink from the menu. I will say that in my opinion the coffee here wasn't great. I ordered a cafe au lait and was a little let down. I wish they offered something like a cafe latte or cappuccino to go with these lovely cakes. On the other hand, the cake was a definite hit! In addition to sweets, there are also some savoury items on the menu. The cake plate came really nicely decorated, as seen in the photos below.

The cafe has indoor and outdoor seating, and is kid friendly. Order at your table, and pay at the counter when you you're ready to leave.

The best way to access this cafe is via Carnival Mall (the outdoor shopping strip between Namba City and Namba Parks shopping malls.)

Pictured: Baked cheesecake and café au lait.

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Suggested access: Namba station.

Address in English: なんばカーニバルモール (Namba Carnival Mall), 5 Chome-1-60 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0076

Name in Japanese: Cafe太陽ノ塔

Address in Japanese: なんばカーニバルモール, 5丁目-1-60 難波 中央区 大阪市 大阪府 542-0076

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Top Image: Picture of cheesecake on maroon colored plate, with edible colored plate decorations. Bottom image: Side-on close-up of above image. Image text reads: "Cafe Taiyou-no-to Osaka, Japan."


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