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Colourful Macarons from Macapresso | Shinsaibashi, Osaka | Japan

Macarons (the fat ones) shot up in popularity a couple of years ago, following the trend in South Korea. The inside is extremely rich and buttery while the outside biscuit is the same as a traditional macaron. They tend to keep well in the fridge for a day or two with the biscuit retaining the original texture. Macapresso has some staple flavours, as well as some seasonal macaron flavours that appear from time to time.

Macarons from Macapresso in Shinsaibashi, Osaka Japan.
Macarons from Macapresso

The Macapresso store I visited is located in the basement (B1) of the PARCO department store in Shinsaibashi. PARCO sits between Midosuji and Shinsaibashi shopping arcade, so you'll likely walk past this store if you're exploring the area. There's even direct access to the first floor basement from Shinsaibashi station (if you take the correct exit!)

The basement of PARCO department store also has a variety of other stores, including but not limited to Soup Stock Tokyo, Brooklyn Roasting Company, Le Petit Mec and Seijo Ishii. Seating varies depending on the establishment, although there is a tiny seating area open for all to enjoy.

Pictured: Blue & yellow: ノーワー "No War" - Milk flavour.

Purple: デジバ "Dejiba"- Vanilla crunch flavour.

Pink: *いちごミルク "Strawberry Milk"- Strawberry milk flavour (I actually ordered apple cinnamon, but received strawberry milk.) Never mind!

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Suggested access: Shinsaibashi station.

Name in English: Macapresso

Address in English: 〒542-0085 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Shinsaibashisuji, 1 Chome−8−3 心斎橋パルコ 地下 一階 (Shinsaibashi PARCO B1)

Name in Japanese: マカプレッソ

Address in Japanese: 〒542-0085 大阪府大阪市中央区心斎橋筋1丁目8−3 心斎橋パルコ 地下 一階

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Picture: Three colorful macarons placed side up on a white plate.. Text reads: "Macapresso, Osaka Japan."


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