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Vegetarian Scottish Breakfast at Edinburgh Larder | Scotland | UK

Edinburgh Larder storefront, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

The Edinburgh Larder is a beloved food establishment located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city.

Known for its commitment to sourcing local and sustainable ingredients, Edinburgh Larder is a popular spot for both locals and tourists visiting this historic city.

The restaurant's menu changes seasonally and reflects the availability of local produce. For breakfast, expect to see dishes which include haggis, black pudding, potato scones, and other Scottish favourites.

Those looking for a vegan or vegetarian Scottish breakfast in Edinburgh can also enjoy some of Scotland's famous flavours here, as the cafe offers a full vegetarian Scottish breakfast and full vegan Scottish breakfast. The Veggie Breakfast I ordered on this day came with poached egg, roasted flat mushrooms, blistered cherry tomatoes, vegan black pudding, wilted spinach, vegetarian haggis, potato scone, homemade beans, and granary toast.

As someone who doesn't eat meat, I was happy to find vegetarian friendly options for traditional Scottish food such as haggis and black pudding. I've never had the real thing before, so I can't say anything about the difference in taste, but I enjoyed both vegetarian options! It was also my first time trying a potato scone, which was absolutely delicious. Overall, this was an amazing vegetarian take on a traditional Scottish breakfast.

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Vegetarian Scottish Breakfast at Edinburgh Larder.

Anyone hoping to dine at The Edinburgh Larder is encouraged to make a reservation, as the cafe is extremely popular year-round. However, those who missed out on a reservation at The Edinburgh Larder can visit the lesser known Little Larder next door which serves up the same great menu, and accepts only walk-ins. Be sure to check the hours online, as the open hours between the two cafes vary slightly.

Menu at Edinburgh Larder (sorry for the shadows!)

Edinburgh Larder is a great place to get your day started with breakfast or brunch, and is known to be one of the best breakfasts close to the Royal Mile in Edinburgh's Old Town. The convenient location means visitors can easily explore St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh Castle or other exciting attractions before or after enjoying their meal.

The Edinburgh Larder is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best of Scottish cuisine, while also supporting local producers and the environment.

Name: Edinburgh Larder

Address: 15 Blackfriars Street, EH1 1NB, Scotland (The Little Larder can be found at 11 Blackfriars Street, EH1 1NB)


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