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EL&N Hans Crescent: One of London's Most Instagrammable Cafes | London | UK

In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in the popularity of what many refer to as "Instagram-worthy" food. The dishes are always visually appealing and extremely photogenic, often featuring bright colors and unique presentations. The trend has been driven by the increasing use of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which allow users to easily share photos and videos of meals with followers from around the world.

Foreground: Smart phone with a hand taking a photo of food. Background: Food on wooden table
Many of us now take photos of our food before eating

Restaurants and cafes have caught onto this trend and are now creating dishes that are specifically designed to be Instagram-worthy or "Instagrammable".

Using colorful ingredients like edible flowers, rainbow-colored sauces, and brightly colored fruits help make their dishes stand out from the competition.

Some cafes are now serving food in unusual shapes, for example, a croissant in the shape of a cube. The goal is to make food look as visually appealing as possible, or to surprise people by presenting food in a non-traditional way.

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Cafes have also started aiming for cute, colorful and photo-worthy aesthetics in terms of décor both inside and outside the stores. Some have even created photo spots complete with props and ring lights, so customers can get that perfect shot for social media. After all, social media has turned into a spectacular platform for marketing.

One of the cafes that's well known for their aesthetics is EL&N in London. I popped into the famous and very Instagrammable EL&N in Hans Crescent London recently, curious to see whether the cafe lived up to the hype.

Décor at EL&N London - Hans Crescent location

EL&N Hans Crescent London entrance: pink wall of flowers and pink merry-go-round horses

First off, you'll have no trouble finding this colourful cafe! The storefront was extremely eye-catching with it's pink flowers, and beautiful cakes on display in the window. The EL&N cafe in Hans Crescent is spread over two floors, plus there's also a spacious outdoor dining area.

As you walk in on the ground floor, you'll see a cake stall by the window to the left, and circular coffee stand towards the back. To the right there's a wall covered entirely in flowers, plus a couple of pink merry-go-round horses.

EL&N Hans Crescent London basement: Wall covered in heart candies with messages

It only took a couple of minutes before I was shown downstairs into a room I could only refer to as an Instagram dungeon.

The basement was extremely pink, and well and truly set up for social media. There were giant imitation love heart candies attached to one whole wall, and bright pink neon signs on others. It was straddling a fine line between cute and tacky, but I kinda loved it. These little nooks in the photo to the right are kinda cute, right?

To be honest, EL&N in Hans Crescent is the perfect Instagram cafe for anyone looking for a pop of color on their feed.

Food and drinks at EL&N Hans Crescent

The food at EL&N was not only gorgeous, but quite tasty too. I ordered the Eggs Florentine and the eggs were runny, and portion size perfect. My only complaint would be that the spinach was a little too salty for my liking. The pomegranate seeds added some nice texture, and definitely something I need to use more often when I'm cooking at home.

EL&N Hans Crescent London: Glass of pink lemonade with dried roses floating on top

The rose lemonade - although simple - was presented in such a lovely way.

I'm well aware that all they've done is throw some edible dried roses into ice cubes, and given me a bottle of mass-produced soda to pour in, but let's be honest... I'm unlikely to go to this amount of effort at home.

By the way, this Fentiman's Rose Lemonade was delicious - I highly recommend it to anyone who loves rose flavoured sweets.

Menu at EL&N Hans Crescent

Please note the below photos are only two pages out of many from the menu at the EL&N Hans Crescent location, and are intended as a guide only. For the most up to date menu and pricing please check the store's website (listed below).

Final thoughts on the most Instagrammed cafe in London

The photogenic food and cute pink décor seems to be working out well for this Hans Crescent cafe. Aside from the numerous EL&N locations in London, there are a few other cafes scattered throughout the world for you to enjoy. You can find out more about their locations on the EL&N website. Each page has some photos of the interior, so you can easily choose the one that best suits your vibe.

There is certainly no shortage of Instagrammable cafes and restaurants in London. If you're interested in visiting cafes that offer Instagrammable food, or cafes that are aesthetically pleasing I suggest keeping an eye out on Instagram or TikTok and saving your favourites. I was able to find some good cafes in London scrolling through hashtags such as #LondonBrunch #LondonCafe and #LondonEats.

While you're in London don't forget to check out the stunning views from one of London's famous rooftop lookouts. We recently posted a list of our top 3 free viewing platforms in London, so be sure to check it out if that's your thing.

Safe travels :)

Store Name: EL&N London - Hans Crescent

Address: 42 Hans Cres, London SW1X 0LZ, United Kingdom

Suggested access: Knightsbridge station on the Piccadilly line

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Top: Eggs Florentine topped with edible flowers and pomegranate seeds on a pink plate. Bottom: Glass of pink lemonade with dried pink roses floating on top. Text reads: EL&N Hans Crescent. London's most Instagrammable cafe?

Top: Eggs Florentine topped with edible flowers and pomegranate seeds on a pink plate. Bottom: Pink merry-go-round horses and wall covered in pink flowers. Text reads: The most Instagrammed cafe in London?

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