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10 Inspirational Travel Quotes from Beloved Children's Books

Children's books often contain profound messages that stay with us long after we've turned the last page. Many of these books also contain inspiring quotes about travel that capture the sense of adventure and wonder that comes with exploring new places.

In this blog post, we have curated 10 travel quotes from children's books and books for young adults that we hope will inspire you to embark on your own journey of travel and discovery.

  1. "We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?" - Steven Moffat, as featured in Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour.

  2. "Adventure is worthwhile." – Aesop, as featured in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis.

  3. "Maybe we're all just a little crazy. Maybe we're just not used to all this freedom, all this power. But I'm not scared anymore. I'm not scared at all" - Annabeth Chase, as featured in the book "The Mark of Athena" by Rick Riordan.

  4. "The best way to find out where you are is to get lost." - Little Billy, as featured in "The Minpins" by Roald Dahl.

  5. "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." – Dr. Seuss, as featured in "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

  6. "All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination." – Earl Nightingale, as featured in "The Penderwicks at Point Mouette" by Jeanne Birdsall.

  7. "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." – Ursula K. Le Guin, as featured in "The Left Hand of Darkness".

  8. "The world is not in your books and maps, it's out there." – Gandalf, as featured in "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien.

  9. "I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world." – Mary Anne Radmacher, as featured in "Wish You Were Eyre" by Heather Vogel Frederick.

  10. "To live will be an awfully big adventure." Peter Pan, as featured in "Peter Pan" by J.M. Barrie.

Our thoughts on our top 10 travel quotes from children's books

These travel quotes from children's books remind us of the wonder and excitement that comes with exploring new places. Whether you're embarking on a six month grand adventure around the world, or simply exploring your own city, these quotes are sure to inspire you to see the world with fresh eyes and an open heart. So what are you waiting for? The world is waiting for you!

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