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Miyajima | Perfect One Day Trip Itinerary | Hiroshima, Japan

Today I'll be providing you with the perfect one day trip itinerary for Miyajima in Hiroshima. As you may already know, the island is well-known for its floating torii gate, wild deer, and delicious oysters. Access to this island from the mainland is only available by ferry. Tickets for the ferry to Miyajima can be purchased at the JR ferry terminal after alighting at Miyajimaguchi station (train) or Hiroden-Miyajimaguchi station (streetcar).

White and orange ferry docked at Miyajima. Blue ocean in foreground, mountains and blue sky in background. Miyajima, Hiroshima Japan.
Ferry docked at Miyajima.

Miyajima is not only popular with foreign tourists, but it is also hugely popular with domestic tourists. I recommend visiting during spring or autumn when the weather is perfect for wandering the island, and the island comes alive with the colors of the seasons. I timed my most recent visit with the changing of the leaves in autumn (fall), and was blessed with great weather on the day of my visit. Let's take a look at some of my recommendations for a one day trip to Miyajima.

Miyajima Omotesando Shotengai

After alighting the ferry at Miyajima, turn right and follow the crowd. Most people will be heading toward the undercover arcade just a few minutes away. This area is basically a shopping street with cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. I like to stop by here as soon as I arrive to grab a bite to eat before exploring the rest of the island. Many places offer a sit down option for lunch or snacks, but some of the smaller stalls only offer take-out options, especially for the smaller, cheaper items.

As I mentioned before, Miyajima (and actually, the Hiroshima area in general) is well-known for oysters, so of course you can find many shops in this arcade serving up all kinds of oyster dishes. I had an amazing oyster lunch here and then continued on my way to Momijidani Park and Shishiiwa Observatory. I stopped by the arcade again later in the day for some snacks and to buy some souvenirs before heading back towards the ferry.

Pictured: Miyajima Omotesando Shotengai, stores, oyster lunch set, momiji manju.

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Senjokaku Hall (千畳閣) & Toyokuni Shrine (Five Story Pagoda)

View from Senjokaku Hall, taken in autumn 2021

Senjokaku is a large building spanning the space of 1000 tatami mats, it's name literally meaning "hall of 1000 tatami mats." There are no actual tatami mats in the building today, but instead you'll be greeted with the most amazing wooden floorboards. The building of Senjokaku was commissioned by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1587, but when he died in 1598 construction of the building stopped soon after and was never fully completed.

I personally love the sparseness of Senjokaku with its open spaces, large wooden floorboards, and magical views out over Miyajima. It's the best place to get a view of Toyokuni Shrine (the 5 story pagoda), and a great place to catch some autumn leaves or cherry blossoms, depending on the time of year.

Momijidani Park

Momijidani is perhaps the most well known and most visited park on Miyajima. If you plan to take the ropeway up to the top of Mt Misen to Shishiiwa Observatory then you'll very likely walk through this park. It's a fantastic spot to admire the Japanese maple leaves changing color, and if you're lucky you might even be able to catch some Miyajima deer posing for a photo.

From Momojidani Park keep walking uphill to get to the Miyajima Ropeway.

Miyajima Ropeway/Shishiiwa Observatory

Wooden sign for Miyajima Ropeway. English reads: 10min walk (7 if run a little!) to ropeway stn.
Sign for Miyajima Ropeway

Shishiiwa Observatory offers the most stunning views from the top of Mount Misen. You should be able to follow the signs to the ropeway quite easily. Once you're part of the way up the mountain you'll reach Kayatani Station, where you need to switch to another ropeway to get up to the top of the mountain. The cost of the second ropeway is included in the original ticket cost (around 2000 yen round trip.)

Once you're at Shishiiwa Observatory you'll be able to enjoy the expansive view over the Seto Inland Sea. If you're feeling up for it, you can hike to the actual peak of Mount Misen from here without too much trouble, but it does require some comfortable shoes and perhaps a bottle of water. The path gets quite steep at times, so caution is advised. In addition, be sure to keep track of the time, as you don't want to miss the last ropeway down the mountain!

If you're an experienced hiker, there are three hiking tracks that lead from the base of the mountain up to the summit. This might be a good idea if you're on a budget, after some adventure, and have a reasonable level of fitness. Please be sure to check the weather beforehand, and take proper safety precautions.

Miyajima Brewery

This is Miyajima's very own craft beer, brewed right on the island. The bar/restaurant is located in the shopping arcade and spans the first and third floors, with local dishes available during lunch and dinner times. The first floor was really busy on the day of my visit, so I was seated on the third floor which had an amazing view out over the beach.

The brewery serves up some traditional beers such as IPA, wiezen, oyster stout, etc., as well as limited edition brews and collaborations. I didn't order any food on this visit, but I really enjoyed this beer tasting set which cost around 1,100 yen for three small beers. Miyajima Brewery is definitely a must visit for any beer lovers and a great spot to rest your legs after a long day.

Itsukushima Shrine

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Itsukushima shrine includes the 'floating' torii gate that the island is famous for, in addition to the complex seen in the photos. As you may have noticed, the Miyajima torii gate and shrine don't actually float in the ocean, however once the water reaches high tide it gives the illusion that the shrine and torii gate are floating. It provides a great photo opportunity, especially if the water is calm enough to capture a nice reflection.

Unfortunately during my visit the famous torii gate was under renovation, so I don't have any photos to share, but here you can see the renovation scaffolding covering the structure. During low tide it's permitted to walk up to the torii gate to admire it from up close, while during high tide if you want to get close you'll need to pay for a boat tour. I personally think its beautiful in both high and low tide.

Entry to the shrine itself will require a small fee (300 yen for adults, less for children.) In all my time in Japan I've never come across a shrine like this anywhere else, and I personally think the entry fee is extremely reasonable when considering the likely maintenance costs.

Green tea flavoured soft-serve ice-cream decorated with a torii gate cookie and deer head shaped chocolate, served in a cone.

Cutest ice-cream on the island

This matcha green tea ice-cream was too cute not to include. I bought it at a little store opposite the ferry, although the name of the store escapes me and I can't quite locate it on Google Maps. If I manage to find the store name and address I'll be sure to update this post with the information.

It was very delicious and extremely cute!

Final Thoughts

I hope this post is helpful for planning your one day trip to Miyajima. It is definitely possible to visit all of these sites on a day trip from Hiroshima city, which is exactly what I did on my most recent trip. However, if you want to take it slowly and enjoy as much of the island as possible there are some hotels and ryokans (traditional Japanese lodging) available on the island. Both and have rooms to suit most price ranges. Happy travels!

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