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Cutest Aussie Animals: Visiting Ballarat Wildlife Park | Australia

Located just 4 minutes drive from the famous Sovereign Hill, the Ballarat Wildlife Park stands as a testament to the unique and diverse beauty of Australian wildlife. This haven for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers allows visitors to get up close with some of Australia's most unique wildlife. In addition to Australian animals, the park also houses various other animals from around the world, however, the Aussie animals are guaranteed to be the highlight of any visit!

Welcome sign to Ballarat Wildlife Park. Ballarat Wildlife Park, Ballarat, Australia

A Glimpse into Australian Wildlife

As you step into the Ballarat Wildlife Park, you are immediately greeted by the sights and sounds of the Australian bush. The park is home to a captivating array of native wildlife, including very well-fed kangaroos, sleepy koalas, cute wombats, and majestic emus.

Most animals at the park are kept in enclosures (similar to most other zoos or wildlife parks), however, the kangaroos and emus are free roaming, and kangaroos can be hand-fed with food purchased at reception. Even without offering the kangaroos food, they'll be more than happy to pose for a selfie!

Interactive Encounters

In addition to hand-feeding kangaroos, the Ballarat Wildlife Park offers Animal Presentations (special information sessions) throughout the day where visitors can listen to experts talk about the animals on display. The price of these is included in your entrance ticket, and times can be found at reception, or on the Ballarat Wildlife Park website.

Those who want more than just a simple kangaroo selfie can check in with reception to find out about the animal encounters available on the day of their visit. These encounters give you the chance to get up close to the animals and have your picture taken by staff - you can even book in to pat a koala, or hold a snake! These encounters come at an extra cost, but are well worth it for anyone looking for a unique experience.

What Other Animals are on Display at Ballarat Wildlife Park?


Eagle sitting on tree branch at Ballarat Wildlife Park, Ballarat, Australia

Reptiles and Amphibians

Little Penguins

Little penguins at Ballarat Wildlife Park, Ballarat, Australia

...and many more!

Planning Your Visit

For those planning a visit to the Ballarat Wildlife Park, I recommend to checking the official website for the latest information on admission prices, opening hours, and special events or exhibits. The park's amenities, including some small picnic areas and a café, make it easy for visitors to relax and enjoy a day surrounded by nature.

The gift shop has a range of gifts on offer for kids of all ages. Many of the animals on display at Ballarat Wildlife Park are represented at the gift shop, so you can take home a replica of your most-loved animal from your visit. Many of the items are made overseas, however, I did spot a few plush toys that were made in Australia, so we sure to check the tag if you're looking for something made locally!

How Long Should I Spend at Ballarat Wildlife Park?

Entry sign to Ballarat Wildlife Park, Ballarat, Australia

We spent around two hours wandering around the park, reading the displays, and taking some photos. We didn't book in for an animal encounter on this occasion.

It's possible to see the park in much less time, especially if you're not interested in reading the information on display. For those planning to book in for an animal encounter, visit the café or take a picnic to enjoy, it may be worth allocating a bit more time for your visit.

Final Thoughts about Ballarat Wildlife Park

The park claims to be a 'park for conservation and recreation', so I'd have loved to have heard more information about current conservation efforts while visiting. After looking at the website I found some information about the Ballarat Wildlife Park being the first privately owned wildlife park on the mainland of Australia to breed Tasmanian Devils, which are currently critically endangered. The animals are not only suffering from habitat loss, and fatal accidents with cars, but also from a contagious and incurable cancer. The breeding program hopes to help keep the Tasmanian Devil alive for future generations to enjoy.

Overall, the Ballarat Wildlife Park is somewhere that visitors of all ages can connect with some of Australia's most famous animals, in addition to seeing other animals from around the world. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a family seeking a day of exploration, or someone looking to spend some time outdoors, the Ballarat Wildlife Park offers a memorable experience for all.

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