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About this blog

This blog is a collection of photos from cafes and restaurants I've been to in the past while.

I do not have a particular posting order, and for privacy reasons I will not be listing the dates I visited the places that appear in this blog.

The information I post is correct to my knowledge on the day I visited the locations shown. Please note that cafes, restaurants, items available for sale, sightseeing spots etc. may change over time - menus may change, prices may change. For the most up to date information, I suggest contacting the places mentioned, or checking their social media. Thanks for your understanding.

I've tried my best to tag any places that serve vegetarian or vegan options, as I know travelling as a vegetarian can sometimes be a little tricky. Of course, please check the options carefully yourself before eating.

I hope you find this blog helpful for finding somewhere to eat, drink, or perhaps relax. Maybe it'll even serve as inspiration for your next trip, or day out!



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